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Caribbean Bay Resort v2 - A pretty detailed jungle park in a stunning landscape. Enjoy yourself!

Featuring 5 unique roller coasters in a perfectly matching scenery:

_ Scarlet Kingsnake* (2016) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl3yt3nQ5Bg
_ Surfing Pirate (2015) – https://youtu.be/8zH7ZyN3msY / https://youtu.be/SbpskshPjoo
_ Sisyphus (2013)* – https://youtu.be/74F6FtOE090
_ Aquella (2014) – http://youtu.be/SAWRySOs6Tc
_ Koala (2014)* – http://youtu.be/2cLvcZ7u2Fg

* exhibiting improved track layouts

No custom scenery required. I highly recommend using the Steel Support Replacer (miscellanous) by Old-Spice: http://www.customscenerydepot.com/cslist/index.php?item=1811 (REGARD: don't save in style/themed => follow the readme).

This update is featuring

... the two brand-new coaster designs 'Surfing Pirate' & 'Scarlet Kingsnake'.
... specific changes to track layouts (e.g. integrating block brake systems).
... 'Sisyphus' has been revised & the number of cars per train has been reduced.
... 'Hurricane' has been replaced by the far better track layout 'Scarlet Kingsnake'.
... 'Koala' has been improved concerning the speed & now one ride consists of two laps.
... in-depth scenery extension in the subject area 'Pirates Bay', especially on water.
... perfectly synchronous ride events.
... general extension of facilities.


Section Parks
File Size 4.5 MB
Date Uploaded Jan 31, 2016




I've suggested you for the featured downloads but, a little more screenshots?


This park looks amazing! Would it be OK if I made some improvements of my own?


Lovely work, the scenery and landscaping is wonderful. 'Pirates Bay' is awesome - those drops to the water! 'Scarlet Kingsnake' feels like the name, those twists and the colouring. I like the detail on the track on 'Koala' in respect of the individual rails creates a bumpy, exciting ride. Thanks for sharing!


Caribbean Bay Resort gets another theme area with a new roller coaster and at least one additional fun ride in the heart of the park soon...