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Carowinds 2010 Park Recreation:
by Joshua Hester.

I choose to recreate 2010 "Cedar Fair" CAROWINDS park because it was a great year for the park. Thunder Road was an active member, and Intimidator was NEW! My park was created using several custom scenery items...

1) Big Burger Timbers 2.0 Pack
2) Top Gun Pack
3) Gary roach prod-B&M Goodies
4) Custom Logos for most rides (my pictures) This you will have to re-edit!

Please let me know what you think, I tried my best using a 2010 park map, my memory and a lot of hobby hours.

-Joshua Hester
[email protected]

Section Parks
File Size 8.77 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 3, 2015




Hey RCTgo members....... this is my first time posting a gamesave here, if you have any problems with this file, please email me at the address above and let me know. I will be glad to help. I spent weeks building this park, and would love to see people updating it to the 2015 park map. I personally have not been to Carowinds since 2010, therefore I only wanted to build a recreation using an official map and my own personal memories. The Park is not perfect.....but I would rate it 90/100. Trying to make a uneven park -square was the biggest challenge, therefore some rides are aligned different than real-life. This was on purpose to make everything fit!

-Joshua Hester
ENJOY! and please re-upload if you decide to update it.


I like the layout, detail, rides and more about this park. Great work!


Thank You!