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-Includes Copperhead Strike-

Carowinds opened in 1973 and is located just south of Charlotte, NC. The main Entrance actually runs across the N. and S. Carolina border. The right side is N. Carolina, while the left is S. Carolina.

Paramount bought the park in 1993 and featured ride names themed to Paramount shows and movies including Nickelodeon, Scooby-Doo and Top Gun. The park was sold to Cedar Fair in 2006 and has added multiple big attractions.

Carolina Harbor, the waterpark opened in 1982 and is included in park admission. It has seen 2 major expansions.

The park takes about 3 and half minutes to load. I believe it runs a lot better than my 2 previous parks of Kings Dominion and Canada's Wonderland, even though it takes a little longer to load.

Needed items are in the read-me.

Buildings outside the park near County Fair and Carolina Harbor weren't included.

Pavilions in front of Intimidator are just terrain raised up. The Paladium show place wan't included. General layout is marked in concrete. Intimidator is too long in the lift area and after the brake section. Height is still 232ft but not long enough in the bunny hill area. Lot of straight sections were used.

Fury is 300ft. Heightening any more would cause problems in the entrance area. Blue Ridge, Carolina Harbor and County Fair expanded farther "West". The back of Copperhead is supposed to match-up with the Cinema in Crossroads.

No custom supports on Copperhead Strike, Goldrusher or Corkscrew. Really happy with how the design of Copperhead turned out however. When the POV first appeared, I thought all the turns would be really hard to put in. Just a small head-chopper on the brake-run.

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Could you add custom supports on Copperhead Strike to make the roller coaster look more realistic?


Finally, now please do Over Georgia


@ #1, supports could be added in about 15-20 minutes, it would be something to do as the game runs to build the crowd as you work on the supports.

@ #2, SFOG is already available. Other than the Twisted Cyclone, the DC thrill rides and kids area, the park is still pretty up to date. https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/six-flags-over-georgia.10960

Titan XV

There is a lot of CS that is no longer available now that coaster-game.org is down. I was hoping to see your version of Carowinds. I've been going there since the mid 80's where a daily admission was .50 and a season pass was . It would help most of us who don't have the files that are required if you were to add the file via a link to either Dropbox, google drive, etc. account. Thanks and I hope to see a link to the files. The photos are great.


Which downloads are you missing? They are on other sites. I've never heard of the site you provided.