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Carper/RizogleCo's Coney Paradise

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No EP's or CS Needed!

This is Coney Paradise. It is a joint venture between Carper Amusements and the Rizogle Corporation (RizogleCo.) It features 14 RollerCoasters, several of which were custom designed. Three of its most popular coasters were the custom designs of Giga 315, Rogue Mine, and Yolo-Coaster (formerly at Riats Gardens with a different name.) Although Rogue Mine shares its name with another wooden coaster at Carper's CoasterVille, it is actually the tallest wooden coaster in the world.

Anyone familiar with Cedar Fair Parks knows that Cedar Point is their flagship park, with Kings Island being their "second-best." Coney Paradise can be compared to Kings Island in that it is Carper Amusements' "second-flagship."

Coney Paradise also has struggles of its own: With lower than normal attendance and a failing splash zone, it is your job to take Coney Paradise in a whole new direction!

Feel free to take my custom coasters and put them in your park!

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Date Uploaded Aug 3, 2013