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All this is my 2nd upload. Learning terraforming. This scenario is meant to build onto. I used no custom scenery or objects. A couple of features which may not be apparent.
o There is an elevator in the mountain! This took hours to terraform and get it to work. I had to max the elevator and then provide Pathing inside the mountain.
o Used Mist Particles - around waterfalls and castle there is mist once it starts running.
o Passport booths at key points including light house.
o Pathing through the castle for peeps to get around you can add features to the castle.
o The castle took a while and is built with a combination of the caribbean and the spooky castle objects standard with the game.
o Terraforming
a. The water is at the lowest level possible in the game.
b. The castle turret is at the highest point on the game.
c. Used coloring effects to give a realistic feel
d. There are clear designated areas that all could be themed

I plan to use custom scenery objects on future posts of this park but wanted to load this base model so others could build off of it.
It took many hours to terraform and build the castle with elevator so this would save you 8+ hours to build just the base park


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Date Uploaded Nov 10, 2019
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