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I know that this page has users from other countries of the world, different ideas and cultures, I wanted to inform the rest of the world about the sad situation that Catalonia is experiencing these last weeks.
As some of you will know last October 1, 2017, a legitimate referendum was held in Catalonia to ask the Catalan population if they want to stay in Spain or instead if they want Catalonia to be an independent state.
As expected, a few months ago, the Government of Spain led by Mariano Rajoy, declared that the referendum would be illegal and would prevent, if by force, that the referendum be held.
Citizens of Catalonia, independentistas or not, never thought that the use of force and violence could be a real threat, since Spain is in the European Union and that requires a series of norms and treaties that strictly prohibit the violence, nor the violation of human rights and even less unthinkable in any civilized country in 2017 in the 21st century.
The Catalan population underestimated the Spanish government. After months manipulating the means to create hatred against Catalonia, creating a boycott against the Catalan companies and products ... They went to declare to more than 800 mayors chosen democratically to request information of the referendum and to blackmail to those mayors and even threatening them. And in the end, came the days before the famous referendum, more specifically from September 20, 2017. No one expected the Spanish government to send more than 10,000 members of the Civil Guard and National Police to the streets of Catalonia, to frighten and create fear of the Catalan population. Three cruises arrived to Barcelona and Tarragona (one of them the famous boat decorated with the drawings of the Warner) to accommodate them and to use those fleets of barracks for the numerous operations that they would immediately carry out. They started registering impremtas looking for ballots and material for the referendum with great pride, sometimes without judicial orders or using forms without any legal guarantees, after searching in dozens of impremtas and companies, confiscated material and took other steps like how to stop advisers of the Generalitat (the Catalan Parliament) to which the people went out peacefully to demonstrate to the streets of the Catalan cities and towns. (Remember that Barcelona and Catalonia have always been places and symbols of peace, have never used violence, nor have they bombed, nor do they want or have an army,)
After a few days of repressive measures published in Europe today came on 1 October.

The police came to the schools where they could vote and began to attack the people who were making the queues to vote, you can not emphasize a specific population, because the attacks were carried out in different cities and towns in the geography of Catalonia, was a kind of terror that could touch anywhere and could receive any, because more than 890 people were hospitalized of different ages, social classes, there were injured children, young people, elderly, any women even received blows firefighters, local policemen who did not want to allow that barbarity, also received blows mayors in the towns, regidores, politicians anyone was like a hatred against the Catalan people, it does not matter if you vote if to the independence or you vote that not or blank was a hatred against the Catalans in general and that psychologically It has hurt a lot, but the worst thing was that after watching the television and seeing that the televisions did not talk about the subject, they covered it censors to protect Mariano Rajoy, all the televisions and public means, paid also by the Catalans, denied the echos. When videos were leaked abroad Mariano Rajoy and his collaborators devoted themselves to denying the echos, evading responsibilities and even saying that he acted in the name of the law, remembering the Francoist shadow of this country, that we believed that in the 21st century could not be a dictatorship, since in these times there are means to know everything, but now I have realized that nowadays, it is easier still, because also the dictatorship has many more means to censor and manipulate, and believe me that in that subject Spain is crushing Catalonia, since it has manipulated with all kinds of lies to the rest of Spaniards from outside Catalonia, subsidized violent demonstrations to Barcelona, ​​appealing to fascist groups throughout Spain (certainly the only country in Europe where triumph fascism, of Francisco Franco, one of the allies of Hitler and Mussolini, and the truth is that the heirs of Francisco Franco created the Constitution, of which the Catalan people each ez more are wishing to flee) these radical groups can destroy Barcelona and are not punished or arrested because the National Police and the Civil Guard not only allows them but also encourages them to destroy Catalan symbols. Catalonia blocked the air space, closed hundreds of websites, defended Catalonia, have registered companies, private properties without orders or anything, are studying blocking the internet, are censuring all the images and videos of October 1, want to ban the international journalists or control their documents and messages to justify to the world the barbaries they want to commit.
The situation is very scary, the Government of Spain is acting brutally and freely on Catalonia without reaching limits, every day is worse repression and worse is that the European Union and the UN agree. In Facebook and other social networks are already starting to close Catalan user accounts and soon there will be no way to ask for help. Sorry to use a page of this great game to write all this, but it is one of the few places where I can still express myself.
Thank you if you have read, it is a description of how the situation in Catalonia from Catalonia and this message never wanted to discredit the whole of Spain, which is a beautiful land, with good people, but is governed by a party heirs of fascist Franco , by the Popular Party that is corrupt and controls justice to their liking, does not know how to solve with politics and uses force and the law, they use the law that they control themselves to solve the unjust problems of the citizens of Catalonia, who only fight for what is his, for an improvement of his conditions, fighting peacefully to ask for a little more democracy.

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