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Hello everyone! :D

This is an old roller coaster I built at Whiskey Station (now Tycoon Paradise) a long, long time ago. It was the biggest roller coaster I had built on this server at that time, and I'm still happy to look at it after a few years.
Note: This track is not representative of what I'm able to do today because it is a bit outdated.

Cave Crusher is supposed to be a twister roller coaster built on a rough land and with massive supports to keep it on site. This track also has a small river going under the track and a dense coniferous forest.

There are other roller coasters around this track, such as a looping roller coaster (also made by me), 2 wooden roller coasters and 1 hyper coaster. Don't care about them.

This track was built on Tycoon Paradise's server in OpenRCT2.

See final screenshot for statistiques.

Let's have a great round! And good luck everyone! :D

Section Tracks
Type Twister Roller Coaster
File Size 775.02 KB
Date Uploaded Jan 5, 2017




my vote lost =(


but hey it works on rct3 =)


Oh boy! My coasters are in the background


I see Colossus Too! :)