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This is my cross post from RCT grotto's website where I have also posted this http://rctgrotto.coastergrotto.com/file.jsp?argId=2075.

This is MY original work that I wish to share with everyone. This is Cedar Point which is located in Sandusky, Ohio. I spent the better part of almost 6 months on this work . My attempt was to make this as real as possible even though all of us know that there are limitations to Rollercoaster tycoon 3. My family and I had an opportunity to visit Cedar Point this past August. Again I hope everyone enjoys this!!

Andrew M. Patterson

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Nov 10, 2011




Incredible!!!! For the 11 times that I went to cedar point this year, this looks as close to the real thing without using CS as I have ever seen!!!!




No he didn't, this is his. Great work Andrew, the best recreation of anything that I have ever seen.


oh looked like yours! Sorrry mate! :P good work!


all of you are welcome and thank you very much. I want to share this with everyone! If anyone has some ideas for improvement without using custom Scenary. I tried to avoid using it because there are problems with it.

Would anyone like to see me do a Kennywood? I live here in Pittsburgh.


I wouldn't mind seeing someone do a new copy of Hershey Park. I haven't been there since 2005. Waldameer Park in Erie, PA is pretty cool. I have been posting some of the screen shots of my cedar point on Facebook.

I also did a Six Flags Great Adventure too but it wasn't as good. Alot of the buildings are missing. I may be doing Six Flags over georgia. I haven't seen anyone do it correctly yet.


My fav theme park in North America is Canadas Wonderland! Could you do that? Ill be apprieciated!


Hey Cahppie, Never been there. I usually only re-create parks I've been to. I'll take a look at the layout to see if it's feasable

Here is the list of Parks I've been to:
- Kings Dominon
- Kings Island
- Carrowinds
- Cedar Point
- Dorney Park
- Worlds of Fun
- Six Flags over Georgia
- Six Flags Great Adventure
- Darien Lake
- Great Escape (Lake George NY)
- Kennywood
- Hershey Park
- Waldameer Park
- Busch Gardens Africa
- Sea World Orlando
- Walt Disney World
- Idle Wild
- Everland Park (Korea)
- Seoule Land (Korea)
- Lotte World (Korea)


WOW! alot of people! :P


i mean parks! Oops got distracted by my next door neighbour


There is a Six Flags over Georgia posted over on RCT Grotto's website. It has some issues. The guy got a bit bent out of shape when I told him about what was innaccurate about it. If I build it, it will be posted on this website first. I have some templates that I am taking from Six Flags Great Adventure. I designed one a while ago.


I have uploaded Six Flags Great Adventure.


ah! Ive noticed! But not as good as this 1! THis is is amazing! THe best one ive seen! THe others have millenuim force or raptor wrong! :/


I really put my heart into the Cedar Point thing. Personally I think Six Flags Great Adventure has gone downhill over the years. It is located between Philly and New York City. Since the Six Flags Bankruptcy, alot of nice rides got removed from the park. Growing up in my childhood, Six Flags Great Adventure was my favorite park. These days of course Cedar Point is my favorite. It is a 3 hour and 15 minute drive by car from Pittsburgh, Pennylvania where my family and I live.


I am goind Hershey Park next!!!


btw is pittsburg near philidelphia


never mind! I was only asking because my mums pen pal from america lives in philidelphia and if we went therer we could get to SSGA easily!


Nope. Philly is 6 1/2 hours by car from Pittsburgh. In most cases it takes 7 hours to cross the state of Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is about 8 hours from Six Flags Great Adventure. It is 4 hours by car to Hershey park from Pittsburgh.


AH! i can also go to hershey par! :D 2 Really cool theme parks :P




I think you should remake kennywood. I live in pittsburgh also (bloomfield) and it would be really cool to see a recreation of a park that i try to goto once a year.


I really think you should do Kennywood. I also live very close to Kennywood and actually used to work there. I can relate to thatdude, I try to go at least once a year.


how do I put this into the files for RCT on the computer like I go to computer then OS (C:) then the file Program Files then Atari then Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum then Im lost someone help me!!!!!!


I think you should visit in real life. My favorite is Marverick!


I download it and put it in my parks folder and it didn't show up i even changed it to Cedar Point.dat and it still didn't work! How would i fix it? it looks really awesome and i really want to see it




You should update this park to include Cedar Point Shores, Valravn, Rougarou and GateKeeper


To Chappie, yes Pittsburgh is near Philadelphia, and I would love a Kennywood because I also live in Pittsburgh. And, NICE WORK!


Nice Work.