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My recreation of Cedar Point in OpenRCT2!

I recorded the build of this park and released it on YouTube as time-lapse videos with commentary. You can watch the entire series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbabtOSGZNUxZc7OFvXo0hi64w9JeYKJE

Section Parks
File Size 8.39 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 5, 2022




nice work man.


Great job Fidwell!


How do I open this park? There is no .sv6 extention listed in the file! Listing what you put in the file will not work in the saved file of the game in Documents....
EDIT : psljags71 I'm glad to see you also are having a problem opening the park...I thought maybe it was just me and the file I downloaded was corrupt...


Hey. Just downloaded the file because it looks amazing. Just not sure how to access it in OpenRCT2. If you or someone else can give me information on how to open it and install it into the game, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Seems Fidwell doesn't read this board to answer questions or give thanks to comments...deleted his park!


@Warcat61 and @psljags71 — The park is the .park file, which is the new save format that OpenRCT2 uses. If you can't open it, you're on a very old version of the game, as they released it over a year ago. Updating your game should be all you need to do.


when i click download it does not load the page and says DNS error


Do SFFT next pls


This park looks like Vice City, too! :)