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Cedarwood Springs

You have bought the land on this old little town with the idea of turning it into a small theme park. Watchout when building near a cliff and lookout of your finances of all time.

- You don't need a mod, just RCT3 with its expansions.

After you download it, you can put the file on : C:Users"your username"DocumentsRCT3Start New Scenarios, or Scenarios {in my case}.
If you put it in "Start New Scenario" file, you can edit the scenario just as you like before playing it.

My third mini park scenario. Just like previous scenarios, it's about the size of 40 x 40 tiles too. Now it's in western theme. This is not a scenario from RCT2.

Section Scenarios
File Size 963.26 KB
Date Uploaded Feb 11, 2024
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Looks great!