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This is the park that I wanted to build for Deurklink's round 4 of his ride creation contest. However, I was not able to finish it on time, so I decided to simply finish it on my own time. The ride we had to build was a dueling coaster.

For my dueling coaster, I wanted to go with an underrated coaster choice: Steeplechase. I really wanted to see how creative I can be with that type of coaster and how interesting I can make it. The theme of my entry came along with the creation of the park, and the fact that I used a steeplechase coaster as my main coaster helped me find it. The park is based on an equestrian setting. The rides are based on various equine elements, and I tried using a mix of modern and antique building styles to fit with the theme.

The idea of my entry was inspired from a failed attempt at collaborating in a park as a guest. I was not able to build what I wanted efficiently, so I just gave up on it. Fortunately, I used my idea for my ride creation entry instead, and I ended being happy with my choice.

This park was made without custom scenery or expansion object.

This park is only compatible with OpenRCT2.

I hope you like it :D

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Jun 22, 2019