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CHAOS Opryland Updated 1989 Version

This Version Now includes ride gates.

in order to install the ride, Please download the following items :

CS: ATH Catwalk Set
Azanderz supports L Beams
Kiotho(R)Evolution Screens
CSF NLS Lift hill expansion
CSF Neon Lighting Set
CSF Steel I Beam Set
Cafeen's Letters
JCat's DarkRide Set
Jcat's steelworkx
Jcat's Spaceworx
Klinn's Framework
Moby's Glasshouse & Frameworx
Neon Lighting Set
NYR's Concrete Walls
SK - SHR91
Shiggs713's Path Covers
Vodhin's Girders 'n Glass Structural Set
Shy - Catfish Cove Set
Shy - Circus Center Set
Shy - Circus Center Set 2
Shy - Expo 3000 Set 3
A-Goodies for Coaster Set
Spice's Stargate Stuff
Both Vodhin's Light Kits
Both BJL Revolution Fan's Sets (Found at http://www.customscenerydepot.com/ )
Cap'n Pogo's Strobes & Lights
Cap'n Pogo's Blacklights (Found at http://cafe.naver.com/rcdb.cafe?iframe_url=/ArticleRead.nhn%3Fclubid=14615841%26page=6%26menuid=11%26boardtype=L%26articleid=1266%26referrerAllArticles=false )
Iceatcs Billboard pack
Dasmatzes Industry Age
Dasmatzes Industry Age Additions
Moby's Steel Jungle V1 & V2
PEP Europa Park Add - On part 1 & 2
Krypt's Mr. Freeze CS
Shyguy's Planters
Techno's Coaster Essentials LIMs & LSMs

ctr: Mennoo Vekoma MK-700
Euromir CT Track (Found at http://revolutionfans.weebly.com/rct3-downloads.html )
PEP Europa Park Add - On part 1 & 2

Giga Coaster
File Size
379.01 KB
Date Uploaded
Dec 4, 2016



Aerick McCullough

The Track is ML06 From PEP Europa Park Add-On (Part 1)

How To Install
1. Download It Here : http://www.rct-3.org/downloads/index.php/Entry/1734-Europa-Park-Add-On-Part-1-Version-1/
2. Go to CTR-Tracks and go into TrackCTR_ML06FamilyRCProfileV and paste it into TrackedRides
3. Go To CTR-Rides and Copy CTR_EPEuroMirRide and paste it into TrackedRides
4. Go to ( http://revolutionfans.weebly.com/rct3-downloads.html ) and scroll down to find Europa Park Euromir Track and put that into TrackedRides

Download It Here : http://www.rct-3.org/downloads/index.php/Entry/1734-Europa-Park-Add-On-Part-1-Version-1/

Aerick McCullough

Both Revolution sets are found here



Aerick McCullough

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