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This group of peeps contains most of the cheat codes for RCT3 and the Soaked! Expansion Pack* (the bad codes such as to make your peeps puke are not included). It is much easier to have 50 thousand dollars walk into your park than rename your guests every time you make a new park. the codes included are; all guests laugh, all rides never break down, ,000, guest jump for joy, all guests are always happy, peeps ride every ride and coaster before leaving the park, removes coaster height limit, removes coaster lasunch and chain lift speeds, and for the Wild! Expansion pack: let you build underground, let you take screenshots by hiding the buttons [with Control U], and changes the inside of an underground tunnel from dirt and rubble to pictures of sharks on all sides. *Note: The normal codes will work even if you don't have the expansion pack.

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Date Uploaded Jan 3, 2007
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