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Cheese Factory Indoor Park was my entry for Deurklink's Ride Creation Contest round 14. The goal was to recreate a coaster that exists or has existed and integrate it in our park. In my case, it was Crazy Mouse from Tobu Zoo in Japan. It got 8th place (competition was tough in that one).

To copy the story I wrote for my entry:

"POV: https://youtu.be/q5X8IEPsf1E
RCDB: https://rcdb.com/1676.htm

Welcome to the Cheese Factory Indoor Park! Here, you can learn how cheese is made while having fun!

First, on the front, we have the shops of our unique production line. You can eat various dairy products such as fresh milk, hot chocolate, cheesecake and ice cream.
On the left, we have the Cheese Storage Tour, where you can see all the cheese of various sorts that is stored during their aging process.
On the right, we have the Cheese Mixer. This is where the cheese is mixed and cut until it gets its solid form before we shape it into the circular chape we all know.
On the back, we have the main attraction, Crazy Mouse, which is a recreation of the famous Crazy Mouse at Tobu Zoo in Japan. Thanks to the maker Togo to allow us to have that incredible coaster in our park.
Finally, outside, we have the farm area. This is where we breed and milk the cows. You can also pet the cows if you want to.

For more details about how cheese is made, you can watch that video capsule: https://youtu.be/wxm8jTzU_8o

Be sure to take a closer look at the decoration inside the park. Just go into the "View options" and select "Cut-away View". I highly recommend the views at 9.00m (26 units), 17.25m (37 units) and 32.25m (57 units) to have the best views possible.

Thank you for coming here, I wish you a nice visit!"

As a response to the received feedback, I highly recommend to use every tools available with the cut-away view: the vertical clipping and the horizontal clipping. Plus, I have added screenshots of the coaster only to try to help you view the coaster better.

See final screenshot for the statistics of the coaster.

This park was made without custom elements. However, Wacky World and Time Twister expansions are needed to view the park.

This park is only compatible with OpenRCT2.
*NB: RCT1/RCT1 Deluxe installation might need to be attached to OpenRCT2 in order to view the park in its true nature.

I hope you like it. :D

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Date Uploaded Apr 2, 2020