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*NB*: players will want to possess the specific vehicle, and enable certain features available in OpenRCT2's "Cheats" menu: the specified "Cheats" can be seen in the 1st Screenshot.

The trains use Spacek's "Scenic Railway" cars which can be found here,


There exist two types of these trains: "Unlocked" says, in its description, that it won't fly off the track; for !Chicago Lightning, I use the other one (the track lay-out features strategically-placed "trim" brakes to prevent crashes); 5x 2-car trains.

Ratings may be reviewed in the Screenshots (and in the video). [I will apologize for the sound quality of the on-ride music: it was the best calliope version I could find in .wav format.] [Edit: I found a cleaner recording, and made a new video]

Link to !Chicago Lightning video on Google Drive:


Section Tracks
Type Side-Friction Roller Coaster
File Size 296 bytes
Date Uploaded Sep 16, 2023