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This park is unfinished,but what already is there is very detailed.
The buildings in this file are based on Bullocks Wilshire and the infamous abandoned Lemaire sanatorium.
The park will be finished slowly and steadily before the end of this year and the rides will be based on movies like "The Polar Express" and countless other themes.
Suggestions are always more than welcome.

Section Parks
File Size 2.31 MB
Date Uploaded Jan 2, 2011



jack attack

Is there any CS


Love the indoor malls, and so do the peeps! What is the trick to getting the stalls at any level besides ground. I just haven't mastered that yet.


I try to avoid CS for now.
Maybe i would include custom snowy trees.

wldills, to lift stalls or any scenery from the ground simply press shift while placing them.


Looks great from the screenshots.