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I did this park in celebration of Christmas, my intention at the beginning of the project was to make
a much larger park, plus the lag did not leave, I used the packages NetOne CS 1 and 2 and for
the main structures Iceatcs Timber frame Building.

I may have used other CS not included in the package, so any problems let me know.
thank you

I hope you enjoy!

Section Parks
File Size 1.13 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 9, 2011




Guys I need a help on two issues:

1 - I'm working on another project and I intend to create a post in the forum, but do not know how to post imagens. someone could help me?

2 - I tried to get into the last competition of the Build it, but always got error. Then I waited to enter the competition now and is already showing that ended inputs, even in the beginning. this happening to anyone else?

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Very Nice and beautiful !!!!!!! Mine is : Snow village !! thank you for your park... :)


Thanks man! :)

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No, woman please !!! ;) lol

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Excuse me, your park / scenario does not work for me, is it possible to give me another file similar but less heavy (such as by removing some attractions)? thank you in advance


Oh, sorry!

At the moment I'm working on another project. But soon I'll be on vacation
and I may decrease some of the scenery. (That was really too heavy
because I have detailed much of the interior structures).

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ah agree, no problem, I also think that the accuracy of details in the parks cause bugs ... it's not your fault, in fact I was especially interested in new structures or buildings and elements of Christmas ... So, tell me when you can give me all this, if you have time and will of course ...


can someone upload iceatcs timber frame buildings to megaupload or rapidshare? i dont want to download the whole neton set and the only download i found was corrupted! please help me! (i always need help)


I could post here, but I think there need permission from iceats, pass
your e-mail to me and I send the set of the timber frame.


i need iceatcs timber frame buildings too. my email is [email protected]


hey I also need iceatc's,

my e-mail: [email protected]


how did you get that expansion pack.


where can i find the cs? i'm totally new to this:)