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This is not a remake of Chuck Norris, I just wanted a guy with that name.:)
Anyway, He loves the most intense coasters and can take nausea pretty well.

Section Peeps
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Date Uploaded Sep 6, 2010




Oh come on we would know it's Chuck Norris if the game crashed because Chuck roundhouse kicked the computer causing a mini earthquake which causes a giant sinkhole which makes craziness because the weirdo people who thought it's a sign that the worlds ending in 2012 so they all kill themselves and then the population drops to 6.5 billion and population counts for the future lower to 8 billion so people stop making electric cars which causes extra pollution from Europe which raises gas prices to a gallon and then people go bankrupt and the government goes in to the lowest of the low and we all go crazy and nothing important happens after that until 2222. That would be Chuck Norris.


this will be featured download


Chuck is best peep! He saved my life!


I'm pretty sure this is chuck norris...


We did it guys!