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Hey everyone, this is a floorless coaster i built with a huge castle around it! When I wanted to save the track, it turned out to have way too many decor pieces. This is why I built a second ride through the castle so, when combined, there are no pieces lost. It took some time to get it right, but in the end I really like the result. I think it leaves a lot of potential to add and expand around this centerpiece.

This download includes the coaster with mainly surrounding castle parts. Part 2 will include the monster truck ride with mostly the center castle pieces. They are easy to combine, as the stations are on top of eachother. I build the coaster first, then the monster truck ride.

Rating of floorless coaster (see screenshot):
Excitement: 9.18
Intensity: 7.82
Nausea: 4.87

I would appreciate it if you leave a like! Also name suggestions, because I'm not too sure of the current name.

Section Tracks
Type Floorless Coaster
File Size 6.85 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 5, 2020