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The human history has been an endless journey searching for pleasure and happiness.
What makes people happy?
What can you give to those who want to smile?
Now blossom your own glorious civilization here!

Get 3,000 guests with maintaining park value over 700!

It's maybe my last upload. Thank you for playing my scenarios :)

Section Scenarios
File Size 3.25 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 21, 2019




Another masterpiece. Your creativity is awe inspiring and I hope it takes you far in life. I'll miss your parks, but I can always go back and play them again!


What an incredible idea so intricately brought to life, I hope to see more uploads from you, but I’m thankful for all the ones already here, thank you

Captain Lucasade

So Beautiful And Very Fun To Play.☺

And Hopefully This Is Not Your Last Upload Because Your Parks Are Incredible.☺


That’s not only great, it’s incredibly good!


These are some amazing creations.