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Club Spirits is the park for all the spooky lovers out there. This park has a block layout through the center, two entrances, custom structures (not custom scenery), and custom rides. There is plenty of room for expansion, as this is part of a couple objectives. This is a challenging scenario, but very enjoyable. I recommend heavy marketing.

A word about the screenshots:
The first shot is from my playthrough. This is not what you are downloading. The rest of the shots ARE what you are downloading, in order from the entrance to the back of the park, followed by ride cam shots.

Ride Stats:
Night Owl
E/I/N: 6.11/4.20/2.03
Max Speed: 51.41mph
Ave Speed: 20.50mph
Ride Time: 1:24
Ride Length: 2551.30 ft.
Max positive vertical G's: 3.91g
Max negative vertical G's: -0.94g
Max lateral G's: 2.43g
Total Air Time: 0:16
Drops: 7
Highest Drop Height: 91.56ft
Number of Inversions: 0

Cosmic Ghost Train
E/I/N: 3.20/0.20/0.13
Max Speed: 11.55mph
Ave Speed: 9.68mph
Ride Time: 0:57
Ride Length: 812.81 ft.
Max positive vertical G's: 0.29g
Max negative vertical G's: -0.10g
Max lateral G's: 0.64g
Total Air Time: 0:12
Drops: 4
Highest Drop Height: 19.27ft
Number of Inversions: 0

Section Scenarios
File Size 2.32 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 12, 2011




Nice work!!!


Thank you! I had a lot of fun making it :)


Though scenario... but cool


This was a lot of fun to play - thanks! And a beautiful park, you did a fantastic job with the scenery. Well done.


How many challenges did you put in? Mine stopped after the first, but RCT3 has always been a little glitchy with challenges for me (sucks, since they're my favorite part of the game).
This park is the shiznit, btw.
Not sure if the mandatory peeps funnel (to get everybody to that RC and House in the back of the park) was on purpose or not, but it was fun.
Good attention to detail with filling in for awards/penalties. Most people don't bother with that.
It was played out rather quickly, but I s'pose that's the case with most of these if you've played a lot of them. One issue: some of the scenario objectives were complete from the beginning (spec. a ride that reaches x speed and the one for air-time), which takes away from the challenge. It's nice to have an objective partially complete, but silly to have it already done, waiting for you to get to that level.


great scenario thanks


this was fun! great job with the scenery. loved all the open space too.