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This download requires the following:
- OpenRCT2 v0.4.5 or later
- RCT1 Deluxe linked to OpenRCT2

Scenario number 6 of Coaster Impact takes us to the alien jungles of another unknown planet (yes I know that's quite a recurring theme with my scenarios with these unknown planets or universes). Lloamia's water has an unusual chemical composition which turns it pink, making it a bit unsightly for the guests. Regardless, this planet will serve as a battleground for your roller coaster building skills.

Objective: To have 10 different types of roller coasters operating in your park, each with a minimum length of 4,593 ft (1,400 m), and an excitement rating of at least 7.00

Harder park rating and harder guest generation are enabled in this scenario, along with a cool and wet climate. Good luck and enjoy!

Section Scenarios
File Size 153.89 KB
Date Uploaded May 23, 2023