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This download requires the following:
- OpenRCT2 v0.4.5 or later
- RCT1 Deluxe linked to OpenRCT2
- Both RCT2 expansions

We're almost to the end... the eleventh scenario of Coaster Impact takes us to a rather unusually mountainous jungle aptly named Hell's Jungle. This is the first one of my scenarios where it has more than one themeing group from the same expansion pack available - Prehistoric Themeing is available by default while the Mythological Themeing has to be researched.

Objective: To have at least 5,250 guests in your park at the end of October, Year 7, with a park rating of at least 600

Land is quite expensive, at 170 per tile, and construction rights cost 85 per tile. Harder park rating and harder guest generation are also on, and guests don't come in quite happy at all. The maximum loan size is also small but accompanied by a 104% interest rate. But that's not even the worst part. The worst part is that you can't even advertise at all! This really makes the scenario live up to its name. Good luck with this one.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded May 29, 2023
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