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This download requires the following:
- OpenRCT2 v0.4.5 or later
- RCT1 Deluxe linked to OpenRCT2
- Both RCT2 expansions

Presenting to you the Coaster Impact scenario pack! Consisting of 14 scenarios, each one with their own world, story, and goals. Be warned, for it is not an easy scenario pack, especially towards the end!

Here is the full list of the scenarios you will encounter:

1. Plagenockite Deadlands
2. Barkval Badlands
3. Freezing Forests
4. Pokey River Park
5. Kiwami Park
6. The Wilderness of Lloamia
7. Oselst Flamelands
8. Harrier Palms Beach
9. Micromicro Park
10. Reverie Retreat
11. Hell's Jungle
12. Icebound Expanse
13. Sector 104

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Jun 19, 2023
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