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Another one of my coaster stations. I used Glass Walls (Modified), Jcats Steelworx,
and SK-SHR91.

Section Structures
File Size 18.65 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 16, 2009




man ur so lucky ive been tryin 2 get this stuff 2 work with my computer 4 months. if u can help i would really appreciate it.


You've come to the right place!!! Here is how to get your CS to work-

1.When you click download for your custom scenery download, select Save and put it in My Documents.
2.Right click on the zipped file and select Extract all.
3.A window will pop up. Click on Next. Then,look around for Browse. Click on that.
4.Then, another window will pop up. Click on My Computer/C:/Program Files/Atari/
5.Click on next and it will be extracted. Then click Close to finish the process.

If this doesn't work for you, feel free to tell me. I hope this helped. Trust me. I had to deal with this problem before, too. This helped so much. I almost got it right without a tutorial. That was a while back.

(This tutorial can work with any type of custom scenery pack)!


File NOT Found.