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POV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x6qJLIlPx0&t=0s

The Greater ONE: GREAT ONE !!! ....GREAT ONE !!!...Where is that man ...Grumble
Oh there you are I have been nominated chairperson of the 2014 COFFEEFEST what can we do?

The Great One: Calm Down!, ok we just aquired the old 8 O'CLOCK COFFEE Distribution center in the Adirondack Mountains,
its been empty for 25 years, but ill have the gang whip something up in time for the festival.

The Greater One: You'd better if you enjoy eating !!!

Press Release:

Lintopia Entertainment Corporation invites you to COFFEEFEST 2014 in the Adirondack Mountains of New York
and while your there enjoy the vista from SUGAR,SUGAR, see The Organic Cream Machine in action,
visit the tasting court for samples of fine coffees and treats, or see M.C. Hemmar, try our rockwalls or maybe a free ballon ride
all this plus a pleasant bird pond for you to enjoy.... But Wait! the world's largest COFFEE COASTER Awaits you....If you DARE !!

Use Girls Like Spice on Coffee Coaster and fireworks, Ambient birds for all other rides,speakers

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Type coasterball
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Date Uploaded May 17, 2017


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use the jonny watts cheat to see the details from a peep view its awesome