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This is my first download, so feed back is appreciated!

Rebuild this abandoned artic reasearch base into a theme park! Extra land is availible from the start.

Section Scenarios
File Size 1.44 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 28, 2014




Thanks for 25 downloads guys! I Appreciate it. =D


I like the layout of the park and overall theme. The first two levels (apprentice and entrepreneur) were pretty easy and a lot of fun to complete.

The last level to complete to become a tycoon was a little bit ridiculous. After seven attempts of trying to satisfy the VIP I have given up. It was so frustrating that it made playing the game no fun at all. I hired 35 mechanics and around 60 janiters (so no litter or breakdowns) I also had 3 fireworks displays which he happily watched and even said he liked but he still was not a happy camper . Any suggestions on how to complete this park would be greatly appreciated as I'm on the verge of pulling my hair out! x