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Collision Course is a jumbled knot of a coaster that is not recommended for weak stomachs. The purple Infinity coaster zooms through a forest at a minimum height of 0.6 feet above ground! Anyone brave enough to conquer the sight of the beast will seldom be able to brave the 12 inversions. The inversions include a vertical loop, a cobra roll, 3 zero-g rolls, 2 dive loops, an inverted top hat, an Immelmann, an inline twist, and a rolling loop going over the station.


Length of track:3248ft

Section Tracks
Type Infinity Coaster
File Size 44.36 KB
Date Uploaded Feb 21, 2016


1 comment


Nice job, just the end is a bit abrupt, directly after that big inversion comes the break even though it could have enough speed to go through a few more elements.
keep up the good work ;)