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Welcome to the, Wellington Resort, Our masterpiece 5 Star hotel will have you relaxing in style, our resort side restaurant will have you coming back for seconds, and the centerpiece of our resort, Our bobsled roller coaster called: Colonial. Start your journey by making your way up the 72 foot tall lift hill, and then twist all the way back down to the ground again, turning at high speeds only to be taken back up by another 65 foot tall lift hill, then swivel your way through helixes, and twists, to drop down right on top of the lake, twisting and turning as you make your way, pop up over another hill, to find that your journey has come to an end. Only, of course, until you ride it again!


Excitement Rating: 5.39 (High)

Intensity Rating: 5.68 (High)

Nausea Rating: 3.77 (Med)

Max Height: 72 FT

Max Speed: 40 MPH

Ride Length: 1780 FT

Ride Time: 1:08

Max Positive G-force: 2.56

Max Negative G-force: 0.67

Max Lateral G-force: 1.64

So sit back! Relax, And ENJOY YOUR RIDE!!!

Section Tracks
Type Flying Turns
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Date Uploaded Jun 12, 2015
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Great job with the scenery and supports.