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The Columbia Carousel is a double decker carousel that is located at both Six Flags Great America and California's Great America. The Columbia Carousel open at both parks in 1976. This is the building that goes around the carousels.
After building the Structure, place one merry-go-round in the open area in the middle. After that one is built, place an other merry-go-round right above the first using the SHIFT key. Below are photos of the building with and without the merry-go-rounds in it. There is no custom scenery.

Section Structures
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Date Uploaded Oct 23, 2012




Looks cool, good job! :)


Hello. This is wonderful thank you for the cool ride :)

Noob question, Im just getting started with custom scenery, where do you put the .dat file?

I've already added custom wall sets to the Program Files > Atari > Themes folder and have the Main Street set running. Do I need to convert / open the .dat? Or am I just putting it in the wrong folder?

Thanks for the help!


Nevermind I was going through the forms and clicked a "Let me google that for you" link and the answer was right at the top. I wasnt googling the right sentence before lol.

For anyone looking for the answer try this link:


actually they opened in 1976 lol