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I just built a new small amusement park for the day which will be my last amusement park for a while as I'm still looking at my previous parks to build a bit more rides in!
Well this is a rct1 competition scenario where there was the steel twister contest the only small different map I thought I turn a nice charming amusement park into! The other competition maps are all the same with the leafy lake setting so I decided not to mess with them!

Well this park is inspired by Powerpark Finland as I built a steel twister coaster anyways but changed the parks objective and description and special with the sky rider coaster wing rider coaster I built a rct3 like coasterball coaster full launched circuit which turned out okay happy how everything else turned out!

Located for Humble Texas near Deerbrook mall my sister thought of picked for!
Enjoy my new small amusement park!

Section Parks
File Size 2.49 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 18, 2023