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Hello all! I saw this forum a few days ago and i thought it was really cool, so i signed up today! The last few days i was busy in sandbox mode and i built some really cool rollercoasters including this corkscrew rollercoaster. This will be the first coaster that i post on this forum. This coaster does'nt need much space, but it's longer then 1200 meters/4100 feet! It reaches an top speed of 94,39 km/u (about 60 miles per hour) and it has 6 inversions.
These are some specifications:
excitement rating: 7,43 (high)
intensity rating: 7,38 (high)
nausea rating: 3,80 (medium)
lenght: 1276,06 meters/4186,35 feet
height: 43,19 m/141,08 feet
top speed: 94,39 km/h/ (58,63 miles/u)
average speed: 46,01 km/h (28,58 miles/u)
drops: 9
number of inversions: 6

Section Tracks
Type Corkscrew Coaster
File Size 72.71 KB
Date Uploaded Feb 25, 2020


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Cool Coaster Creator

I am playing this game for a year now, but this is the first time i have posted something on this forum. So if the're are people that have tips and feedback (compliments are of course also not prohibited(; ), then feel free to give that feedback, as long as it is constructive!