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This is not a recreation! Corkscrew is a nice, small, compact triple inversion coaster. It was inspired by Corkscrew at Cedar Point but is not a recreation. Includes 1 vertical loop and 2 corkscrews. There is some CS needed.

E: 5.55 (High)
I: 5.31 (High)
N: 1.83 (Low)

CS List:
ATH Catwalk Set, JCat's Steelworx, Old Spice's Corkscrew Supports, Vodhin's Lighting Kit 2008, Gadget's Coaster Goodies, NYR-Box Supports, NF Particle Effects, Aged Footers 2.1 (Weber), Boston's MSL Circus Center Expansion


Section Tracks
Type Corkscrew Coaster
File Size 71.35 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 3, 2012




Whohooooo! You've Won!!! Congrats!!!!!!!


Well done, I knew you would win! I voted for this one and i must say this is your best coaster yet! Keep it up!


Congratulations 777. I thought this would win. Great job, the scenery is fantastic. Nice station too.


Congrats bro...i knew you will win! Keep it up!


i think it would look better when you use the coaster goodies structure remover. I don't know how to call it but there is no way you can see it.
Still a nice coaster.


Thank you everyone! I worked hard on this. Ill do that next time DjJaacy. Thanks again!


Not to be mean but how long is the track

But congrats on the win

I think all the add ons took 2times as much time than the track (not to be mean just honest)

Next time please make longer coasters


Realistic coasters aren't long...I mean...look at mine. Short but realistic!


I know you aren't being mean. I accually like it when people are open and honest with me. I'm not offended in any way. It was intentional that the track was short. It's for those who hav little space left in their park. Peeps like the coaster because it's small yet exciting. The add ons really didn't take that long but it may have taken longer than the track. I am thinking about uploading a B&M sitdown featuring seven inversions. It's one of the longest I've built. I may even enter it into the competition. Thanks for being honest though. ;-)



777Rollercoaster777, the best coasters are the shortest ones, you won not just because of the CS. Look at Alexwohlbruck's or mine...Short but they win competitions don't they? Same as your's. You won...Well done!



Yes I know! I love the small coasters. I don't know why but i just do. I like both Alexwohlbruck's coasters and yours. They're small and compact yet very nice and exciting (not to mention the scenery). I do have bigger coasters though. SHHHHHHH! I'll tell you a secret...the next coaster being uploaded by me will be called Nirvana with a barrel roll as soon as the train exits the station kind of like Hydra at Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania although that's a heartline roll. After the barrel role theres the lift hill. As soon as it completes the main drop it will go into a zero-gravity roll then 3 overbanked turns back-to-back. The train will then go into a cobra roll then again another overbanked turn into a 360 degree vertical loop. The train will advance to the mid-course brake run and then into interlocking corkscrews. Two airtime hills follow the corkscrews and then the final brake run ends the ride. The train turns 180 degrees into the unloading station (yes there are 2 stations). After that the train moves on into the loading station ready to give another thrilling ride. I'm looking forward to uploading this coaster. Keep in touch to find out if it has been uploaded or entered into the competition. ;-)



Very cool roller coaster.

Blue Thunder

have luck in future

i am loading up the coasters to enter

search blue thunder on youtube by bluerct3thunder46321 and watch it

anyway coaster sounds cool


where can i download Boston's MSL Circus Center Expansion?


Thank you so much

@Blue Thunder
Very cool coaster. Looking forward to seeing it. Best of luck! Thanks.

I believe you can find it here at the custom scenery page. Tell me if you find it or not.


I've been searching for 2 days and its nowhere to be found!!!

Blue Thunder

cs depot
or maybe the affilates page


Found it! It's at Shy Guy's World.

Blue Thunder

i win since i am the last to comment

the new coasters are reveluntionising stuff and i say if the best rct3 coaster designers on here build a coaster each and put it in a special build it to find the best of the best

vote now by sending me pms


Congratulations! for still having your creation featured.

- Look out for more "Contests".


Hey, any one where you can find a good Custom Flat Ride website?

So I can spread the work to the other members around here.


Hey im new guys can u give out tours? sorry for interupting :(


When I try to open the file I crash, maybe I'm missing some cs? Got everything on your list I think.


Actually I am getting no svd for sid error. Ill post in forums for help.


Fixed the last error, now it crashes when i try to place the coaster grrrrr.


Can you give me the links of the CS list? I can't search them.


Gosh I wish i could use this file..... Im sure all my files are in the right place. When I go to place the ride everything is blue, and then a instant crash.


The Official RCTgo Content business on my account has stopped, thanks god!