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A mythology themed park from Time Twister Expert which is one of the two mythologies scenarios I ever did and proud that I did it! Some inspirations come from Europa Park Germany, and the rest are custom thought up which all turned out really nice! Even the shuttle coaster somehow got over the top track with full guests on made it more taller now won't crash anymore, checked the water slide where tubes were empty on a turn, paused game closed reopen ride guest ride it alot slide seems okay not getting stuck but if any of you download run this park be sure to check comment and let me know if it gets stuck so I can change anything! Most is crammed but had to make it like that to win the objective and did cheat by adding what I wanted I know lol! Located Similk Beach Washington State I thought for! Enjoy the World's Best Largest Mythology Theme Park Ever Built!

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Date Uploaded Nov 4, 2023
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This was so much fun to explore!

-Ares & Athena were very fun to watch interact (although Athena did make me a little nervous slowing down to 4mph through that first half-corkscrew after the big lift.) Orthus & Orthrus are also very satisfying, if a bit harder to follow sometimes for the trees, and I like that Sciron visits them both.

-Seeing the line of log flumes on Tiber Cliff Falls waiting to return to the station made me laugh way harder than it should have. There are *104* people on that ride, and I think a solid half of them are sitting stationary at an upward pointed angle at any given time. At least they have some beautiful scenery to stare at while they wait! The log flume promontory has some seriously lovely landscaping.

-Opa fits so nicely into her little corner! I'm forever impressed by people who can make a non deliberately-kiddie Steel Mouse *not* be Ultra-Extreme haha. I feel like mine always end up being snoozy or fatal and there's no in between. (The way that she cuts around Valkyrie is also fun when they sync up right, which I managed to make happen when Opa broke down in just the right spot. I imagine those people trying to high-five and a couple arms getting snapped in the process.)

-Not so sure what the Snowman is doing there, but it is cute!

-The Minotaur Maze is super well-placed and well-constructed. I remember seeing the statue, saying to myself 'I have to let them know how much I like the minotaur maze," clicking to see what it's called, and...fair enough lol. You really should be proud of that maze design. I feel like not enough people care about making mazes enough to discover just how frustrating they are.

-Everything syncs up with everything in such a satisfying way if you watch long enough. I saw Sciron and Athena make their helices over the park edge together once and it was oddly adorable. I like the thought of the junior coaster getting hugged by the more advanced coaster around that bend. I would feel like I'd just had a bonding experience with the braver folks on the big coaster haha. I don't know if they were ALL planned that way, since some of these moments happened after breakdowns that threw off the original patterns of the rides, but I enjoyed it regardless.

-Cyclops Island is so fun. The placement of the valkyries feels really well thought-out and tells a good story against the beasts. Beautiful landscaping again, too.

So far, the dinghy slide hasn't given my any problems. Apart from normal breakdowns here and there (a normal amount imo -- I've spent a LONG time in this park tonight) it doesn't seem like anything is broken or wonky at all. Overall, you did an incredible job, and I'm really excited to see more from you!


saintplaysRCT hello to you! thanks for comment as no one had to if anything! I really appreciate all the whole sentences of my park as I really did have fun enjoy building them which is not always easy as I don't always plan or grantee to do every scenario with less limited time i have in life over thins but won't be doing all scenarios like great wall of china for example which that one is located in china definitely same for alcatraz prison island near san francisco california which that movie also taught me many things!

But also later on maybe I ll see about the other scenarios as I did a handful of wacky worlds and time twister scenarios which aren't great rct expansion packs critics said but I thought was interesting!

I already did all rct1 scenarios rct1 promotional parks, and original rct2 expansion scenarios excluding six flags cause mostly six flags isnt the same anymore and wasnt that perfect!

I working on a hard ww scenario about a great big red rock which I thought for texas as well which im nearly almost through with it having a hard time over the mountain with bad stats on most coaster types as I'm trying to get through with that scenario!

Well thank you for positive comment! I'll try what I can show get through with as I get pretty ugh impatience building these cause lot of work and all!