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A great crazy castle theme park with 30 rides and 8 coasters! It has two wooden roller coasters, a virginia reel, a junior coaster, a inverted shuttle looping coaster, a spinning mouse coaster, a wild mouse in a castle themed coaster and a looping coaster. Also has thrilling flats including top spins, enterprises, a drop & launched tower, pirate ships, ghost trains, magic carpets and motion simulators! It has a log flume and rowing boats. It also has a long exploration go-kart track at over 2 minutes per lap!

Here is my other Crazy Castle theme park: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/crazy-castle-park-finished-new-coaster.17130

1. Deja-Vu (Inverted shuttle 6 looping standard layout roller-coaster)
2. Junior Roller Coaster (Ladybird coaster with a tunnel through terrain)
3. Looping Roller Coaster (Coaster with 2 loops, helixes, turn drops and hills)
4. Mouse Towers (Wild mouse coaster, castle themed)
5. Mutant Mouse (Spinning mouse coaster)
6. Texas Tubs (Virginia Reel)
7. Woodchip (Wooden roller coaster with up and over air time hills)
8. Wooden Roller Coaster (With helixes and turns in drops)

9. Berserk Spin (Top Spin)
10. Enterprise
11. Escape Hatch (180 feet, 69 mph launch tower)
12. Go-Karts
13. Intense Spin (Top-Spin)
14. Magic Carpet
15. Motion Simulator 1
16. Motion Simulator 2
17. Pirate Ship
18. Roto-Drop (170 feet spinning drop tower)
19. Swinging Inverter Ship

20. Crazy Castle (Maze)
21. Crooked House
22. Dodgems
23. Ghost Train
24. Merry-Go-Round
25. Observation Tower (200 feet)
26. Spiral Slide
27. Treetop Choppers (Helicopters)
28. Twist (Rotating Ride)

29. Log Flume

Gentle Boat-Rides
30. Boat Hire (Rowing Boats)

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Date Uploaded Apr 1, 2019