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A completed theme park with a castle themed entrance, a toys and factory themed area. Has a castle themed entrance. It has 10 roller coasters, 6 themed flat rides and 2 water rides.

It's roller coasters are a wild mouse, duelling launched inverting roller coaster, racing 300 feet giga coaster, 150 mph launch coaster, board game themed spinning coaster, RMC, junior coaster, loony turns and a wooden coaster.

Has themed flat rides, a shark themed boat ride. It also has a water coaster and log flume.

1. Crazy Factory (Wild Mouse) 1.32m
2. Duelling Dragster 1 (Launched inverting twin coaster) 1.4m
3. Duelling Dragster 2 (Launched inverting twin coaster) 1.4m
4. Gateways (Triple racing 309 feet, 95 mph giga coaster) 1.32m
5. Jaws Rossa (150 mph launch roller coaster) 1.4m
6. Mouse Trap (Board game themed spinning roller coaster) 1.1m
7. Purple Fury (RMC) 1.32m
8. The Toy Factory (Junior coaster) 0.9m under 1.4m with adult
9. The Wood Factory (Loony Turns) 1.4m
10. Triton (Wooden coaster) 1.2m

Thrill Flat Rides
11. Pat-A-Cake 0.9m
12. Ghost Rider 1.4m
13. Surfing Treasure 1.2m

Junior Flat Rides
14. Jaws Attack (Boat ride) Any height
15. Monte Leone 0.9m
16. Runo's Rocktopus 0.9m

Water Rides
17. Blue Lagoon (Water coaster) 1.1m
18. Log Flume 0.9m with adult over 1.4m

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Date Uploaded Nov 13, 2020


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