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Build the Crescent Ridge Amusement Fair, a modern theme park dedicated to replicating the feel of an early 20th century amusement park. You will be (mostly) locked to era-appropriate items, so hopefully you know how to best utilize the vintage rides!

You'll need to take your standard loan of 10k and turn it into a park with 1,250 guests by the end of Year 3.

"Vintage rides only" is a scenario type that I find is sorely lacking from the original game. Here, you're locked to ride types no newer than roughly 1945. Lots of gentle rides and stalls are available (including the ATM, in a temporal violation), but you've only got the wooden coaster types and just two thrill rides (you get a Log Flume and can unlock Splash Boats, though, which I was surprised to learn are actually really old rides). The better rides are generally locked to research, so speedrunning that is crucial if you don't know how to use the side-friction coaster types!

Also the Crescent Ridge in I named the park after ended up being mostly irrelevant to your average scenario run as it's along the border at the back of the map, but oh well.

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Date Uploaded Mar 15, 2023