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VIDEO at http://youtu.be/hp7B059wYgU

Usually I make fountain shows but I wanted to make a fountain so I wanted to make my own using the Waterjets given in the Soaked RCT3 Expansion pack. It changes colors constantly and I have 2 search lights on the sides of it (laser). They change colors as well. It makes it a little more interesting when you have the same fountain going. You will have blues, purples and more.

The jets will come on 1 at a time from left to right until they are all visible. Then 32 seconds later it will end and then start up again going from right to left. 1 minute 4 sec total.

After putting the fountain and laser bases in place I raised the area around it 1 square at a time. I added a brick border around that area. I then filled it with water.

When I save a watershow it is in the following folder:
Place the file in My Computer > Documents > RCT3 > Fireworks

My RCT3 Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_qRmLwiLbjzYo2oPR7gVAg

If you have any questions let me know!



Section Pyrotechnics
Type Waterjet Show, Lasers
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Date Uploaded May 29, 2015
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