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My gift to you this year is a set of 9 brand-new rides! Included are:

- Zamperla Steeplechase
- Maurer Soehne X-car
- Mack Water Coaster
- GravityKraft Timberliner
- Mat Slide, 2-person Mat Slide
- Reindeer Sleigh Ride Coaster
- Present Race
- Sleigh Dark Ride

Merry Christmas!

RCTC installation:
1. toolkit is required
2. Open RCT2 or OpenRCT2 and tell the game to "export plug-in objects in save files"
3. create a scenario and add the rides to the list of rides or add the rides to an existing save
4. save the scenario and e-mail it to yourself
5. import the scenario in RCTC
6. play the scenario once and the rides will be installed

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 6.07 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 25, 2017




The download doesn’t work for RCT Classic. Great concept though.


So these CTRs will work with the regular RCT2?

Skylander Katfish

I like how you create this stuff and post it on here. Especially for the occasion!


Doesn't work for classic?😣


for this to work in the RCTC just download, go to any file manager app, extract the files from the zip file, click on the ride you want and open it with the RCTC. must ask to import at the time


I didn't realize this was a thing, thanks Domynic, I was able to get all of the "coasters" and the sleigh dark ride to work but the mat slides kept freezing my game. I say "coasters" since some of them show up in the gentle ride section.