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Prowler Worlds of Funs Newest Ride, Opened 2009 Many Guests Can Ride This Ride 5 Times Before Leaving the Park having so much fun each ride, This roller coaster took me 1 night to make, please rate comment on Custom Scenery, anything you wish to say or add....

CS List

CTR -Maylene's Millennium Flyer - Credit Goes to the person that created this CTR Thank YOU!
Belgarbor invisible doodads v1.0 ( must have )
182470s Ground Cover Set ( must have )
Coasterfreaks - Station Platform ( only 1 piece used)
Shy - Catfish Cover Set ( all building made with )
Shy - Expos 3000 Set ( only signs used from this set )

Thanks For Your Time and hope you Enjoy!!!

Section Parks
File Size 5.93 MB
Date Uploaded Nov 29, 2011
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This CTR is a nice running coaster, I only used this CTR cause i can have 12 cars per train like the Prowler at Worlds of Fun calls for, if anyone would like to cross reference my work i usually get my information from http://rcdb.com/ this is a really nice database with all the coasters in the world, i keep my specs and pictures from this site. thanks for your time please comment, and sorry i didnt mean to * Plug * any website, just thought i add where i did my research for my coasters at.


nice coaster kcmowof , people u can find the ctr in rctgo so that means u dont have to search for it :D


Thanks whack4


nice coaster but can you upload the coaster without the scenery.


youre welcome