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This is another basic building block (see also my download "Cube Wall"). It's made up of a window piece from the 'Colored Walls' set and a roof piece from the 'Office Walls' set. No custom scenery.

The first pic shows the Cube Corner by itself and subsequent pics show it in combination with more Corners or with Cube Walls.

Colors can be changed to match any park.

Create some fun designs with Cube Walls and Cube Corners and share them here.

Section Structures
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Date Uploaded Mar 17, 2015
Liked by aecrouch2016




I like your ideas for your building series. I like this one very much as well. I like how you are using in-game scenery, combining different building parts. Very clever. I also like the layout, river and bridges. Look forward to seeing more of your designs. Keep up the nice work!


Thanks ae!