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Watch the YouTube Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeXat3ezW4Q

A roller coaster located on an island getaway, this coaster is a popular Valentines Day attraction. It is also very popular for weddings. With crazy near-miss elements as the cupid pierces the hearts of unsuspecting lovers, what is not to enjoy? Inversion include a wing-over drop, dive loop, immelmann loop, Zero G roll, Loop, and heartline roll. Other elements include two helixes, and an airtime hill. This ride is sure to be a heart stopping experience!

Happy Valentines Day


Section Tracks
Type Winged Roller Coaster
File Size 722.48 KB
Date Uploaded Feb 14, 2016
Liked by ajg314, Terry Inferno


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2 times in a row!?!?