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Awesome looking stalls, includes a Mc Donalds and an In N Out. Also includes a trash can which I made based on real pictures i took. Why not?
To install:
Just put the folder into the style/themed folder as you would any other set. Enjoy!

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 1.51 MB
Date Uploaded Jan 15, 2009




thats geart i love this download it is great 5 star

Ryan M.

I like it :) ! Sense it's custom scenery, I made the stalls more realistic by putting one stall over another so, peeps could order different things out of what looks like 1 stall.


Can you make the pizza hut stall or game arcade building. Fufufu maybe peeps like it!

Phoenix Coaster.Inc

its like custom stalls


Hi I don't have a style/themed folder so I don't know were to put it...


Your pic needs a thumbnail.


The Stuffit Engine was unable to determine the file format on my Mac