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This Scenario required Wacky Worlds, Time Twister and Pink Water DLC and may only work on OpenRCT2.

Daghaba's Triptych is a land owned to the once great ruler of a once Ancient Civilization some 5000 Years Ago. All the remains of his land is the Triptych of pyramids signaling the once surviving civilization. He sells you the land but only piece by piece and it is not cheap. Top off with a hefty loan you need to deal with. This Scenario is extremely hard and could possibly be the hardest scenario ever created.

Objective: Build 10 RollerCoaster's that are 3500m in length with an excitement rating of at least 7.00.

-You start off with literally no land and any other land you buy costs 200.
-You start off with 30,000 but that can only get you to 150 of the over 60,000 tiles. Top it off with an Inital loan of 130,000 with an interest rate of 20%. The Maximum loan size is 260,000. So if you're not careful. You'll lose all your money.
-Buying all the land costs 12,700,600.
-Cool and Wet weather type.
-Landscape cannot be changed.
-Harder to increase Park Rating.
-Guest Generation harder than normal.
-You don't get the good coasters until much later.
-You cannot advertise your park.
-Guests come in unhappy, hungry and thirsty.
-Guests come in on average 30 in cash.
-No Motion Simulator.
-Guests prefer more intense rides.

-Inverted and Corkscrew coaster already unlocked.
-You can remove trees.
-High Construction is allowed.

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Date Uploaded Sep 25, 2021
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Can anyone tell what kind of ride you build at the beginning to make money? All i tried made red numbers.


Build a shuttle Corkscrew Coaster intense enough.


I beat it, but the money requirement after you stabilize at the beginning was a slog (by completion it was pass year 100). I would have recommended that the initial loan be increased, but the land purchase price be decreased to help with that. Either that, or make it a pay-per-ride park, but give the cash machine near the end of the stall research, so that the latter part of the scenario doesn't drag out so long.