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A beefed up version and continuation of Dark Age - Robin Hood (Sherwood Forest) from RCT2 Time Twister, Sherwood Forest II is the first scenario in the Time Twister Redux scenario series and the first of two Dark Age scenarios. It takes place after the completion of the original Sherwood Forest scenario.

Goal: To achieve a monthly income from ride tickets of at least 20,000

The following changes have been made from the original:

1. All of the financial options are 1.5x higher than in the original scenario. That means, you start with 15,000 cash, a 15,000 maximum loan size, and a 14% loan interest rate (rounded up from 13.5%).

2. Guests have a 75% initial happiness.

3. You can buy ALL of the land in the forest. You have construction rights over the path leading to the park entrance.

4. The park rating is harder here.

5. You have a lot more rides and stalls to play with.

6. The prebuilt rides in this scenario have been changed:
- Log Train Junior Coaster now has 4 trains to make full use of the block sections and increase its capacity and throughput.
- The circus has been replaced with a 3D cinema and merry-go-round.
- A Fighting Knights Bumper Cars and Battering Ram Coaster have been added.

7. Now that the goal requires 20,000 from monthly ride tickets, you can no longer just complete the scenario in the first month.

Despite all these changes, it is still an easy scenario, let alone the easiest scenario in the entire Time Twister Redux series. Enjoy!

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Date Uploaded Nov 16, 2020