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Another RCT2 track I built. I hope you like it.

I just rushed this one because I had nothing to do and wanted it to be finished as soon as possible. So there is the first Vertical Drop Roller Coaster I upload here. I called it Dark Vampire. I know the name isn't related to the theme of the track, but its darkness made me think about that. Not very complicated, but beautiful as always.

See final screenshot for statistiques.

Section Tracks
Type Vertical Drop Roller Coaster
File Size 16.86 KB
Date Uploaded May 18, 2016




Question: I know that sometimes converting an RCT2 coaster file to an RCT3 file creates problems where the coaster doesn't work properly. Would this particular coaster create that problem if I wanted to convert it for use in RCT3 after I fix my laptop? :/


Sorry, evilthecat6600, I can't answer this question, I never played RCT3 so I can't know.


Holy cow this is amazing as always!