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Demon is my first NoLimits coaster I made worth showing off. It features 6 drops, over 5000 feet of track, soaring 200 feet into the air at 81 mph.

Demon's thread at the RCTgo Forums:

And its video:


Section Tracks
Type LIM Launched Coaster
File Size 163.9 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 24, 2009




Cool coaster!


Awsome! I'm still trying to figure out how to use NoLimits. I'll get something uploaded soon! (I hope)


If you are determined enough to finish a roller coaster with NoLimits it shouldn't be too hard.


You have the right idea. However there a few things to point out. This is only "Constructive Criticism", don't feel like I'm bashing you. I'm here to help.

1- MCBR(mid course brake run) should never be on a curved piece of track. They should be straight and have a slight angle toward the exit.

2- Brake run on a down slope, same always use straight pieces. If you have your angle to what you want hit "I", this will automatically straighten the track segment for you.

3- Track shaping was decent, but you need more vertices (control points) to get proper shaping, this is why you have some very high G forces, that should not exist.

4- Practice with customs supports, most prefabs look unrealistic unless close to the ground.

For a new builder in NL, you're doing good. Practice is the key with NL. I'll upload one of my more simpler rides, that is way far from perfect, but fun.


what folder does this go in?