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This is actually my most gorgeous RCT1 roller coaster I ever made, just for the Build It! competition.

This time, the roller coaster takes place in the Middle East desert. As the name Desert Conqueror may describe, it is intended to have set an Empire on deserted plains. This hypercoaster includes a lot of sand structures, castles and ruins as much as many houses to establish a big village around the track. It also includes a big river similar to the Nile with a big folliage and a section with an oasis, but also fertile lands where villagers can cultivate veggies and cereals like wheat.

A very detailed section with a few rides near the roller coaster was added to fill in a section that could only involve some sand mounds and a few cactuses and to spice up the atmosphere of the park. Even if it might be a bit too colorfull for a park like that, I think this is worth it.

Workbench used: bottom of the page at the following link:

See final screenshot for statistiques.

Let's have a great Build It! competition round 236!

Section Tracks
Type Hypercoaster
File Size 168.67 KB
Date Uploaded May 23, 2016




Not my favorite, but still one heck of a RCT1 entry. Nice job with this one Supra!


Thank you, chrisMDB, but what is your favorite RCT1 track?


This is an incredible RCT1! It just makes it all the more sad to me that it did not win. To be honest, I'm kinda unhappy with the way it went. But that's something for say, a PM.
Congrats on an EPIC RCT1 coaster!!


Thanks a lot, BlazingEmpireHD! I appreciate a lot that someone still like it after my defeat in Build It! competition.