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This is the plot I created during the 23rd round of Deurklink's Multiplayer. The theme was Christmas. I got 1st place.

I wanted to go simple with my plot (or complex, depending of the way you see it :P). My intention was to make a Christmas village with many elements that make what Christmas is. I also tried to be original with some of them, such as the Christmas tree, the reindeer ride, the gifts, etc. One of the best plots I've built, for sure!

This park mostly uses vanilla scenery, but contains some custom objects that fit the theme. All custom objects are exported with the save.

This park is only compatible with OpenRCT2.
*Edit: I was able to open it in vanilla RCT2 without problem, so it's fine.
*NB: RCT1/RCT1 Deluxe installation might need to be attached to OpenRCT2 in order to view the park in its true nature.

I hope you like it. :D

Section Parks
File Size 4.49 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 9, 2019
Liked by MrTycoonCoaster