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This is the plot I created during the 36th round of Deurklink's Multiplayer. We had to create a plot using a workbench and a color palette created by Shen Kitchen. I got 1st place.

When I saw the bench, the first idea I had in mind was to create a castle on a mountain with a water ride next to it. The big selection of Dark Age scenery objects and rides as well as other castle-related objects made it unavoidable to me to make another castle entry. For the water ride, I first tried a river rapid, however, with the very few space I had, it didn't work. The other idea I found was instead a splash boat, which better worked. For the castle, I absolutely wanted a coaster that goes through it. I first thought of a mine train coaster, however I thought it would be too hard to work with, so I picked a virginia reel.

I first thought that I would not be able to make my plot because my first attempts at planning and starting my plot failed. Fortunately, with good rest, dedication and other creative ideas, I was able to pull it out, and I'm very happy with the final build.

However, my plot ended up having a few flaws (that fortunately didn't cost me losing the first place). One of the main flaws was the virginia reel being quite intense and fast. Trying to manage the layout from top to bottom of the castle while making sure it was not too long and it was fitting with the castle was difficult, and the coaster ended up being faster than I expected. Next, one of the other flaws was the splash boat not being long enough at the bottom of the drop. This was caused by the plot size and planning constraints that I had. Finally, the third flaws that has been noticed is the lack of variety in the castle at some places, especially the main tower. I could probably have done it differently to spice it up, such as adding railings to the windows of the tower to imitate balconies and adding a deck where the roof is. Right now, it kinda looks like a copycat of the other towers.

Despite my entry being quite flawed, I am still happy with the final result. I don't think I could have done much better considering my plans and the litimations, so I'm still fine leaving it as it is.

This park was made with only 1 custom element: the color palette named ShK Vintage. It can be found in the "Water" section in the object selection when you create a scenario after you imported the object when opening the park. However, Wacky World and Time Twister expansions are needed to view the park.

This park is only compatible with OpenRCT2.

I hope you like it. :D

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Mar 25, 2020